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Department Program Semester Session Section

Teacher & Course Evaluation

Teacher Evaluation
Q No. Questions
1 The Instructor is prepared for each lecture
2 The Instructor demonstrates knowledge of the Subject
3 The Instructor arrives and leaves on time
4 The Instructor provides additional material apart from the text book
5 The Instructor create and environment that is conducive to learning
6 The Instructor is fair in examination
7 The Instructor follows moral and ethical norms
8 The Instructor remains available for consultation during specified office hours
9 The Instructor shows respect towards Students and encourages class participation
10 The Instructor returns the graded scripts etc in a reasonable amount of time
11 The Instructor has completed the entire course
12 The Instructor communicates the subject matter effectively
Course Evaluation
13 The course is well organized (e.g. timely access to materials and etc)
14 The Course workload was manageable
15 The content presented in the course has increased my knowledge of the subject
16 The course objectives were clear
17 Recommended reading Books etc were relevant and appropriate
18 The assignments, quizzes and exams covered the materials presented in the course
19 The overall environment in the class was conducive to learning
20 Classrooms were satisfactory
Comment If Any About this teacher and course